Online Drivers Education is fast and easy. It's affordable and convenient. You could learn it in the comfort of your own home. Best of all, it satisfies the DMV requirement.

Here's an overview of the course:

-The course is divided into ten sections.

-You will take a short quiz in each section.

-Watch some fun knowledgeable videos
-Then a final exam and we'll mail you a certificate of completion.

That's it!

In-Class Drivers Education

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 Here's an overview of the course:

-The course is about days long.
-DMV licensed instructor will be explaining the material in detail.
-Students get to watch wonderful safety driving defensive videos. 
-It can be 4 Saturday or 4 consecutive weekdays.
-It starts 
around 9 am and ends around 4 pm. with a lunch break.
-You will finish the course 
in 4 days.  That's it!
-We will also provide you with a lot of practice test sample.

In class Driver's Education is best for students that like to have a teacher to explain each chapter with detail and examples. It's the same setting as a regular classroom at your high school.

Note! If you fail the test, you can take it again until you pass and it's FREE!

After you've completed the course. The next step is to call us to register for Drivers Training before you go to take a written test at DMV.  

Please call us at 1-800-992-6002 to sign up

After you've completed the course. We recommend to schedule to take a written test at DMV to get the permit.  

Please call us 
at 1-800-992-6002 to sign up!

(In-classroom Driver's Education can ONLY be schedule by calling in)

DMV Practice Test and Drivers Handbook for Additional Preparation for DMV Written Test

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​​It's EASY and FAST!

You can learn it anywhere and when you want at your convenience. Goes as fast or take as long as you like. The course is approved by DMV and is only $48!

DMV Approved Drivers Education provides EASY and AFFORDABLE drivers education course. It's DMV approved to meet the requirement for teens  read more

In Car Training & Test Preparation

  • Low, Low Prices!!
  • Free Pick-up and Drop Off
  • DMV Licensed Instructors
  • Patient & Friendly Instructor
  • Driving Test Preparation & Car Rental

Our Instructors

All our teachers are licensed to teach by the Department of Motor Vehicle as a profession driving instructors.

Every of our instructors also has to passed a detail Department of Justice background check to be our instructor..  read more

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Professional Online APPROVED DRIVERS Education